Information in English

How to get to Hiroshima Mon Amour


You can use the bicycle pathways that lead to our club. On site you will then find a parking area designed for bicycles only, where your beloved means of transport will be stored safely.


From the city center (Piazza Solferino) you can take Bus n. 63 or 14, which also stop at Corso Re Umberto (close to the train station of Porta Nuova), and get off at the bus station Pio VII or Bossoli. Other options include bus line n. 74 or 63/ to bus station Bossoli, or tram line n. 4 with 10 min walking from the closest bus stop.


On Friday and Saturday night all nightbuster will run from 00.00 up to 04.00. The closest bus station is Stazione Lingotto FS, only 200 mt walking from Hiroshima Mon Amour, bus line S18 BLU.


The subway runs up until 00.30 Tuesday to Sunday. The stop on which to get off is Italia 61 or Lingotto, then 10 min walking to Hiroshima (Via Carlo Bossoli, 83).


If you are already in Turin, with the trains from SFM (Servizio Ferroviario Metropolitano), which includes the stations Stura/Fossata/Rebaudengo/Porta Nuova/Porta Susa you can get to the station Lingotto, which is 200m away from Hiroshima.


You can reach Hiroshima Mon Amour by using one of the many services of car and scooter sharing present in Turin (Car2Go, Enjoy, Bird, MiMoto, Voi and many others).


At all the major train stations you will find taxi services. If you need to book one ahead, this is the phone number of one of the taxi services: + 39 011 5737. Otherwise you can use the app wetaxi. Be aware that when there are important events happening in the city the service might not be as functional as usual and taxis may not be available on a short notice.

Entrance Policy

In order to ensure the safety of all people entering the building, our security staff will be making sure that no prohibited objects are carried inside the venue. Amongst the dangerous objects that could cause harm to yourself and/or others and which will be  seized temporarily from our security staff before you entrance there are: glass or plastic bottles, tin cans, flasks, cups, selfie sticks, large bags and backpacks, spray cans, umbrellas, tools, guns, helmets, and all objects that shall be
deemed dangerous.

Furthermore, inside the club it is strictly prohibited to smoke and consume illicit substances. No aggressive, destructive, sexist, racist, fascist or discriminatory behavior will be tolerated whatsoever. For the aforementioned reasons once you enter the venue it will not be possible to leave the venue to then come back in on a second instance, exceptions will be made for emergencies or extraordinary cases.

Minors: all teenagers under 16 cannot enter in the club. The entrance is allowed only to people above 16 years of age. Also, when entering the club the organizer will be entitled to ask for a valid identification document which will attest the age of the person.

Alcohol: alcoholic drinks will be served only to people who are above the age of 18.

Pets: the entrance to dogs and pets of any species and size is not permitted, unless the pet is certified for medical use, such as a guide dog for blind people.